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Bowl lathering question

OK, here's the question gentlemen. When you bowl lather, do you put the cream in the bowl and then use the brush to mix and load, or do you put the cream on the brush then use the bowl to mix to create the lather? Also, If you use a scuttle, do you put the cream in the bowl for a while prior to use, (like, while showering), or not?
I generally load the brush with cream from the pot, then whip it up in the bowl :) Works every time for me.
All my creams are in a tube like toothpaste. I squeeze a little into the bottom of my salsa bowl and then commence to lather with a soaking, but not dripping, brush.
My common seense tells me that it wont make much difference.. But if it does, someone correct me. I just squeeze a dab on thr bowl, drip some water, then start lathering.
It doesn't matter how you do it. In a tube I squirt some in the bowl. In a tub I load the brush on the cream.
If it works for you, keep doing it. If your lather is lacking... play round with different ways until you've found your optimum method.

Once found, stick with it.
I squeeze the cream from the tube into the brush, and then go to the bowl. But it's just one of those things that I do because that's the way I've always done it.
For soft creams (TOBS, Castle Forbes, Salter, etc.), I put a dollop in the bowl or, in the case of Wm Neumann, I squirt it into the bowl. For hard creams, or croaps (XPEC, e.g.), I load the brush in the tub.
If it's a tube of cream, I put a bit in the bowl and lather. If it's a tub, I load the brush, and then build lather in the bowl. Same goes for a scuttle. And I don't leave the cream in the scuttle to heat… creams actually don't like too much heat, so that can cause them to lather less effectively (depending on the temperature of your scuttle).
I smear a snurdle of cream onto the underside of the faucet tap, thereby allowing the cream to be pre-hydrated as it enters the bowl when I turn the handle.
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