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Today I used a bluebird blade and was greatly surprised. Just curious if anyone has more info on these blades. Does anyone use them?
Bluebirds were some of the first blades I tried. The experience did not go well, but it was very early on in my wet shaving experience, so it may have been my technique, or lack thereof. Lots of cuts and a very harsh shave.
I had a five pack of them and they worked very well for me. I wish I could remember where I bought them so I could order more. Very smooth blad
I've used a few with great results. I think I must be not too picky about my blades or I have a very forgiving beard. I don't think I have yet used a blade that I am unhappy with.
BB's are made by Derby but are sharper than Derby's. BB's are part of my rotation (mainly Perma-sharp Supers and Gillette Yellows, but also--as I like a wide range of variety--occasional Feather's, BB's, Derby's, and Treet Classics). The BB's work well for me: pretty sharp, decently smooth, and durable. I purchased them two years ago at $13 per 100, but the price now is around $17.
Bluebird was the first 100 pack I bought, did not work well for me at all. Made my face all red and splotchy. I've tried it here and there since then, without good results.
This is one of the first 100 packs I bought. I went thru a sampler and thought I liked these, then I put them aside when I found astra sp and personna blue lab/med blades. I went back to a bluebird last night on 2 day growth in my iKon deluxe OC and was presently surprised on what a good shave (face/head) I got out of it. I'd previously only used them in my 34C don't know if it was the razor or my technique, maybe both but a great nick free shave.
Had horrible results with them my first go round. Traded or gave away most of what I had. Found a tuck last week and decided to give them another try figuring that my technique was better since last using them. Loaded one into a Black-handle SuperSpeed and took a chunk out of my chin on the WTG pass. Figured "Same crappy Bluebirds." Finished the shave and noticed during the rinse and application of aftershave that I gotten a really nice shave. Got two more good shaves out of that razor/blade combination and switched to a Schick Krona this morning with excellent results.

Conclusions. First, I blamed the blade for my poor technique. This hit home when I gouged my chin and was immediately aware that it was because I wasn't paying attention. Second, pairing the blade and razor are important. Got good shaves with the SuperSpeed/Bluebird combination, but the Krona/Bluebird gave me a much closer and comfortable result.
I have a couple tucks of them so they get into my rotation every other once in a while

Nice blade
They are better than a Derby. I get only 5 shaves out of them compared to 7 shaves or more from Polsilver SI and Personna Labs. Only one seller seems to sell them in 100 packs and it is Wish4blades/NTGUYS/(something else - same seller but different name for different sites) but all ship from upper New York State near the Canadian border near Montreal, QC.
I tried Bluebirds early on and it was like shaving with a rabid weasel. Two year in and I tried them again. Better results but still harsh. My technique will have to improve by an order of magnitude before I try again. Blades are such a personal thing. If they work for you, great. If not, there are many other blades to try.
I almost wrote them off, tried them again and was surprised on how good of a shave I got, not the sharpest but some how they worked. Not sure their quality control is up to snuff.
I bought a razor blade variety pack of that stuff years ago; it contained all of the cheap brands like Bluebirds, Lords, Sharks, etc. I was like a kid in a candy store dreaming of all the great shaves I was going to have--until I tried them. After that I stuck with the high-end stuff like Gillette Blacks, Feathers, and Polsilvers. Too bad really--the wrappers looked great and it was nice to have them around.
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