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Best Shave Ever With My Vision


I found a thread where Joe L. mentioned using his Vision wide open. I tried it and received my best shave to date! :badger: A+ all around without irritation. After reading the new posts, it's time well spent browsing past posts.

Take care,
I found the same thing. When I first got the Vision I set it pretty open, following advice I'd read and received on the forums. The shave was OK, but not a lot better than my old M3 results.

A few mornings later, after I had worked up enough courage, I started to experiment with opening the blade bit by bit, and found that I got the least amount of resistance with a wide open setting and ZERO pressure.

I've been using the razor in this way for 4-5 days now and getting progressively closer and smoother shaves--albeit with a small nick every now and then. The price we pay for learning???
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