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best brush for cream

I Would vote for a Size 12 Plisson, but all those choices will do a phenomenal job at building lather, as well as being soft on the face. I would say for a price/performance factor, go for the Shavemac or Kent.
what is the best brush for cream? plisson 10 HMW,shavemac 177,or kent bk4?

I've used the Shavemac 177 and Kent BK4 and they are both excellent brushes for cream. The Kent is more floppy and less dense so I'd pick the Shavemac over it, but that's a personal preference. The Plisson is kind of in a league of their own because of pricing. That doesn't mean they'll make a different or better lather, they just have the Plisson aura... but I've only read about them. Reading those three in the same sentence is kind of like of asking what's better Ribeye, New York Strip, or Salisbury steak :lol:
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