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Been DE shaving for 1.5 months. I may be suffering from early onset RAD.

Hello Everyone!

So I have been shaving with an inherited Gillette NEW style open-comb and Astra SP blades. After receiving a warm welcome and encouragement from forum members, I have decided to continue with this "hobby".

My NEW has some brassing, so I contacted Krona Kruiser about replating. I needed to acquire another DE to use while Mr. Kruiser does his magic. I was initially looking at the Muhle R41 since I am already used to an open comb, but the recommendation for several was to go slow and maybe go with an EJ89. I went and ordered an EJ89LBL and I heard it's great for us noobs, but darn it, that R41 is really pretty.

Can some of you shavers experienced with both reassure me that I made the right decision? I have half a mind to get the R41 too now, but that might irreversibly start a spree with brushes, stands, boxes, travel cases, dopp bags and sundry antique and modern DEs.

I'll try to hold off for now, I keep telling myself that DE shaving is a logical decision because it has a far cheaper TCO than multiblade cartridges.

Thanks, Sports.

Hi Chuck: Welcome to B&B. You chose a great gentleman in Krona Kruiser for a re-plate. If you really love you NEW and want the R41, I would go with your 1st extinct and pull the trigger on a R41. :thumbup:.

Welcome aboard! The R41 is gorgeous, and very efficient... but also it's a razor known for really needing the user to have pretty good technique, otherwise its pretty brutal. lol Much as you hate to hear it, I'd not look at getting one as your only DE option while your other is getting re-plated. I'd say you made the good choice in the EJ89 as the backup.

You can always look into an R41 as well at some point, and have it available to try and see what you think of it, be able to use it here and there while you figure it out, but not be stuck with that as your only option in case it doesn't suit you.
I don't think your RAD is early onset. Seems right on time. Have you thought of a Gillette Adjustable for your filling in the gap razor?
I would go even a step further than duderubble: your RAD comes a bit late, but not too late! :biggrin1:

Regarding which razor to choose I'd say get what you desire, not what others tell that should be right for you. A razor won't break your bank account, and the R41 isn't Jack the Ripper either. If you go with a razor people commonly like to call "aggressive", just handle it with care, don't let it plop against you cheek (I did that once while still half asleep), and you'll be fine. Enjoy the ride!
If you buy the R41 and hate it, I would put it away for a few months and then come back to it. If I had tried it after only 6 weeks, I would have instantly listed it on BST. The R41 handle, BTW, is even more dangerous than the razor head. I shave in the shower, and that slippery handle proved to be a major challenge. Fortunately, the R41 can be used with many after-market handles.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the ride!
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