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Badlands and Black Hills vacation, any favorite trails?

Welp I’ll be home soon. I’m planning on taking the family on a vacation to SD to soak up the great American outdoors! We will have a full week so there‘s plenty of time to take everything in. We plan on going to wounded knee, devils tower in WY, Rushmore, the crazy horse monument, and spend the rest of the time in the black hills and badlands. Interested in moderate hikes that I can take everyone on and at least one pretty challenging and long hike for great views (and no crowds) to do with my oldest daughter. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Whatever you do, take along a GPS system or something on your phone to help you get back. I was out there with the wife a few years ago, and I just wanted to "go" down any of the trails we encountered. I knew better. It would be very easy to lose your bearings and and get lost.

Beautiful place. Just wish I'd have been better prepared to enjoy it.