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Bad blade, good scales

Does anyone here mix and match scales and blades?
In the DE world replating is always causing a stir.
Is it still authentic, does it still have vintage value, &c.

Is there any concern if someone were to have a nice set of scales from a W&B but have a chipped up blade and put them on a blade of a different maker?

Please note I'm not guilty of doing this, I'm just getting into straights now and I don't have the wherewithal to start making (read: ruining) razors.

I'm just asking.
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Whatever works. In my own case, I just bang out a new set of scales, but I've read of lots of guys popping a good blade with trashed scales into a different set of scales. It's not like it would have much collector value as is, and at least it can be returned to service, which is better than having 'em kicking around unusable, IMHO.
All the time. I've got a couple of cigar boxes with blades and scales in them. If I've bought a lot of razors, you usually find that some blades are not able to be salvaged and the same with scales so you end up with a few sets of scales and a few spare blades. It seems pointless to not see if you can put some of the spares together.
So mix and match in the straight world isn't a big deal.
good to know.
Frankly, I get excited to see the custom work that comes up here.
I'd love to have one made.
I have a great idea around one of the blades that I have here. The scales are cracked and useless.
Maybe one day.....
The vast majority of scales are plain and unbranded so you wouldn't even know that they weren't the originals in alot of cases.
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