Bacteria thrive on razors! oh noes!

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    I was reading this web page that recommended you clean your used razor with alcohol to kill any bacteria on it before you use it on your face. Bacteria loves and thrives in bathroom settings. I know a lot of guys here are participating in some "30 day razor challenge" might want to consider sterilizing their blades every now and then.

    Here is the page


    "Rinse your shaving razor with rubbing alcohol before and after every use, and change the blade at least once a week to get rid of razor bumps. Because razor bumps tend to form just after a shave, you want to make sure there are as few bacteria on your face as possible. Bacteria tend to grow on razors and blades just as easily as they grow on a toothbrush. Keeping your blades sterile with a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol will ensure a safer shave every time, preventing razor bumps."
  1. Another help in this direction is some sort of aftershave splash with some alcohol in it (even garden-variety witch hazel @14%).

    - Chris
  2. I took a little empty eye glass cleaning sprayer marked it with XXX- Alcohol so SWMBO won't use it to clean her glasses and filled it with alcohol. I spray my razor before I go into the shower and after every shave. I would not wipe down blades, might make them uneven. I don't know if this really helps or not, but the cost was trivial.
  3. Dave,

    The article you posted is right on the money and should be mandatory reading for anyone that needs help getting rid of razor bumps/ingrown hairs.

    Thanks for posting that!
  4. My razor and blades spend a lot of time mingling with hot water and shaving soap. One would think that would keep it pretty clean.
  5. Good article, thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for posting. I actually have issues at times with this so I need to start using alcohol (my wife says I drink too much already...:blushing:) on my blade for sure. I am also learning to give my face a rest...still figuring how much exactly as I just had my best shave ever with no rest., but I have also had a horrible run of two in a row terribles when shaving for 4 days in a row.
  7. but the article recommends a break between shaves, or use of an electric, to reduce irritation....

    in my experience, an electric razor has always INCREASED my skin irritation---

    since I've started DE shaving, the key for me has been awareness of shaving process and especially using a very light and even pressure--- really let the razor weight be the only pressure--- I still have to remind myself from time to time, usually right after I feel that blade sting a bit during the shave on the neck area
  8. This is the only electric that I have ever owned that hasn't irritated my skin, but the "goo" is about $8 and lasts less than 10 days, usually...
  9. SiBurning

    SiBurning Contributor

    Steel isn't nearly as much a harbor for bacteria as badger hair.
  10. That's why my razors are triple silver plated + my brushes travel in sterling silver tubes :001_cool:
  11. Give them a soak in hot water and a Alcohol bath.
  12. You stole my thunder.

    I was going to say that if hot water and soap don't kill germs then why are we using them?

    Wasn't Lord Carnarvon the only one known to die from shaving anyway?


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