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B&B Carnival for CANADIANS! - Hozer Shave Set Up! WINNERS ANNOUNCED


"Got Shoes?"
I think he should get every prize that we had proposed for all the Canadian members of B&B. And we have alot of them. :wink:

jmacpix. YOU ROCK!
May as well try for this, here is my shave set up:

A Good Canadian Whisky or Canadian Beer for the pre-shave treatment
A sharp piece of a beer bottle (mine is a broken Steam Whistle bottle)
The head of a fast poured beer for the lather
A Tuque to whip and apply the lather (purely for luxury)
and The Whiskey or Beer for a good aftershave




Wanting for wisdom
Mad bomber hat and a hatchet to chip the ice off the water in the sink, Cromwell & Cruthers shaving oil, dollar store shave bowl, Merkur 38C, C&E badger brush, Culmak boar hair brush, Astra blades, Aqua Velva, Old Spice, Proraso shaving cream, Proraso pre/post, Mama Bear Diogenes Club & Green Irish Tweed soaps. Breakfast is Back Bacon or Pea meal Bacon and streaky smoked bacon. There may be one more use for that hatchet . . . that's last years pile of firewood.


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All this talk about Canucks sharing the national camera ... yesterday evening I borrowed the GF's digital camera to take some SOTD photos ... man, the thing was so crappy I wouldn't want to show my face around here if I posted such blurry nonsense! :tongue_sm
And the winner by a mile (or should I say kilometre!) is

jmacpix for his outstanding use of hockey equipment and demonstration of correct hockey skate shaving technique.

Not only will he win the Fraser/Booster kit, but he's also getting a mystery prize as well (send me a PM to discuss options).

But, its even better, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of TBBS and Luxo Laboratories - the distributor and manufacturer of JM Fraser and Booster products, there's Fraser/Booster kits for Bacchus and Alacrity59 just for participating!

The lucky winners should send me a PM with thier shipping coordinates so I can arrange for the spoils to be sent to them.

Thanks for playing Hozer SOTD - where everyone's a winner - and the only loosers are those who didn't play!

There will be one more contest for Canadians - so stay tuned.


Wanting for wisdom
Gotta give the skate shaving a big :thumbsup:

Keep in mind that Canada has about 1/10 the population of the US so we three are proportionate to 30 in the US. PM sent with address info.
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