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B&B 2011 and 2012 LE Fountain Pens, matched set #12

Rudy Vey

Although I love my B&B 2011 and 2012 LE fountain pens, they do not get much use at all. My Pelikans get much more time of use, so I decided to sell these two as a set. Both are the #12 of each year (2011 #12 of 64; 2012 #12 of 63).
I also include a bottle of each of B&B inks: Benevolent Badger Blue and 5 o'clock Shadow, plus a little tub of silicone grease in case you want to use them as eyedropper. The Schmidt converter they came with is included as well.The total is $340 and this included shipping with priority mail in CONUS.