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Awful Edwin Jagger Aftershave

I really like my EJ razor and soaps so when I saw a 25% store wide sale thought I'd try both the EJ Sandalwood and Aloe Vera aftershaves. First I tried the AV and it had a terrible scent. Couldn't quite place it until I read the ingredients. The first ingredient listed after water is Soy oil (though it had a fancy scientific name). Immediately I realized "of course that horrible scent is the smell of rancid cooking oil." I tried it another two or three times, being sure to shake it so everything was mixed up. I got the same results. The experience was repeated with the Sandalwood AS. The place I bought it was great and gave me a full refund. The products weren't dated so I suppose maybe they had been sitting around a long time or just a bad batch. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.
I recently got Edwin jagger samples, and got the limes and pomegranate and aloe Vera aftershaves (and creams)

I hated the limes and pomegranate cream, but absolutely LOVED the aftershave. Smelled great and felt so creamy and amazing on my skin.

The aloe Vera cream I really enjoyed, However the aftershave I didn’t like the smell, but it too felt great on my skin.

Could be a preference thing really. I really want to buy a bottle of the EJ limes and pomegranate aftershave. I’ve not tried the sandalwood though so I can’t speak for it. I definitely think the aloe Vera AS smells ****house though
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