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Atlanta, Birmingham, or Chattanooga?

Are there any shops in Atlanta, Birmingham, or Chattanooga that sell premium english soaps or creams? If not, are any shops that sell creams or soaps that I should try that are unique to these areas.
The grooming lounge in the Terminus Building near Lenox Square Mall on Peachtree Street. Its not cheap though. There is also an Art of Shaving store in Lenox Square Mall. These are in Atlanta. http://www.groominglounge.com/ http://www.theartofshaving.com/taos6/home.php

I have been into wet shaving since December and I have read several similar threads about where to buy shaving items in Atlanta Area and I never heard of The grooming lounge.

What do they have in stock that I can buy (soap, cream, aftershaves)?
Only had a shave there so I don't really know the inventory other than to say they have much of the stuff advertised on the website.
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