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Arkansas surface cracks

hi, my arkansas stone has some surface cracks. they're visible and two of them are perceptible if i use a pointy object perpendicularly to them. i was curious to know how deep they were and they're quite deep into the stone, about 1mm, some more. i can hone on it and it works fantastically and haven't noticed anythign on the edge although i don't have the necessary means to magnify it enough to actually see it i can definitely say that the saves off it are the best i've tried yet. i was only wondering if any of any of you had the same "issue" or has seen anything like that on these stones. for clarity the stone is a translucent black and the cracks are more visible now that i did some tests on it i still haven't honed on it in this condition, i will probably keep working on it with sic powder and see what happens maybe.


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That’s fairly common with the harder novaculites and generally isn’t an issue. I have two translucents that probably have a dozen or more of those on the surface and it’s never caused me any issues.
and can you feel it under your finger or a pointy object?


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Yup, common.

Lynn Idwal sometimes have interesting flaky things going on too. As long as the stone is properly lapped I've not had issues.
Most likely a lot of these are actually subsurface and the translucence makes them appear surface.
One at least is an eyelash (or Im missing the crack in the picture)
Less of them = purer stone, but do they affect honing? Maybe, maybe not. I tend to think not... but I'd still buy a cleaner stone over one with them if everything else was equal... just being picky.
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