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Ariana & Evans favorite scents?

They currently advertise all soaps are in their Kaizen base with various scents

I’ve only had three and none have disappointed

so far
Cocoa cubana
Kaizen and
Amber rose

will be buying more
I love vetiver magnifique. If you're a fan of Guerlain vetiver or just vetiver in general it's a killer scent.
Asian Plum and Summer Fig are the only two I have tried. Loved Asian Plum.

Summer Fig I did not care for.
Cocoa Cubana and Barbiere Sofisticato are my favorites.

Sadly, most of the A&E scents don't work for me as they come off too powdery/perfumey/cloying.

I will say the base is great.
I picked up a set of Spartacus because it was supposed to be inspired by Creed Aventus. It isn't a daily user for me but I do like it. It lathers and performs very nicely.
I’ve tried the following A&E soaps in either sample size or full size tubs: Asian Pear, Asian Plum, Kaizen, Monte Carlo, SoCal Hipster, St Barts, Spartacus and Tertius. I enjoy the performance, one of my top bases and scents so would like to try the rest to see how they are.

My favorite for A&E and top 2 for all of my summer type scents is SoCal Hipster, own the soap and splash. I also really like St Barts (own soap and splash) and Kaizen, next soap and splash I will get. Monte Carlo and Spartacus are good but I already own other versions of the dupes I enjoy as much so can’t justify getting another. Asian Pear and Plum were both really good but for me they were a little too sweet to use regularly. I enjoy the samples but don’t see myself wanting to use them enough to buy a full size tub. They smell like nerds (plum) and bubblegum (pear) to me.

I would suggest checking out Maggards or Shave Dash for A&E samples
I have Spartacus along with the splash...Kaizen base is really good- feels like lathering with marshmallow fluff. The scent is similar to Stirling's Executive Man but with almond notes. I'm probably going to wait until Kaizen version 2 comes out before making another A&E purchase.
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