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AOS Sandalwood


I found this cologne to be surprisingly nice. Others had mentioned a "fake" smell to it, and that it smelled as if it were synthetic.... I did not get that impression at all. I found it to have a very nice, warm mysore sandalwood scent, with quite a bit of lasting power. I could imagine how if one overapplied this cologne, it might be lethal - but used in moderation, it is quite nice.

The MAIN gripe of this cologne is its miserably cheap/shotty stomizer. For a roughly $70 cologne - I am stunned how cheap and ineffective of a top they outfit on the bottle. It does not sit perfectly straight, is akward to press down on, and BLASTS a shot of cologne at you - there is no possibility of modulating the amount of cologne coming out of the bottle.

Overall - great cologne, but if you get it - I recommend purchasing some atomizers from Charles and breaking the atomizer top off of the bottle, and decanting it into standard atomizer bottles. By doing this - one can modulate how much cologne they apply, so even with a powerful scent, you can spray just a bit, and get that perfect spritz of light cologne scent on your body!
I as well found this to be a excellent scent and did learn the hard way that too much of this stuff is deffinetly not a good thing.
It's really odd, everytime I try a new sandalwood cologne I return to my good old Crabtree and Evelyn. I just wish the fragrance would last longer. Some of Em's sandalwood noted scents have the staying power, nice sandalwood notes, but too many confusing (for lack of a better term) other notes. I guess when I want sandalwood, I want just sandalwood.

Best Regards,
Trying to Relather
Austin said:
Ron you should give Floris Sandalwood a try. It lasts all day and is not as overpowering as AOS.
Thanks for the suggestion Austin! :)
Is it a Mysore or Mysore-like sandalwood? I love that wonderful aroma. Single note? Anyway, looks like a bit of a wait till next seasonal sale or to find a store that may have a fragrance tester.. ;)
Where can one obtain this cologne? The only place I seem to find it is on overpriced department-store sites...is there a cheaper alternative?
Chris if theres a Nordstroms in your area, I would recommend that you sample the EDT before you purchase. Not everyone likes this EDT.
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