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Antique Store Find - Gold Finished Super Adjustable (1969)

$2. That's what it cost. I almost croaked when I saw it sitting there on the shelf around the corner from my home. Its one of those classic stories. I felt guilty, because except for a bit of paint loss on the handle and some slight plate loss on the silo doors, the razor is in first class shape. All paint numbers in deep black paint, it clicks loud and clear 1-9, and it closes tight and sure. Sadly, the pictures do not do it justice. To assuage my guilt, this is going into The Pool, that's right, the newest addition to the B&B Lending Consortium. To participate in the Consortium, you need to contribute something to the pool and find a trading partner. The choices are increasing daily and swaps are already in progress. Its a nice hobby.
Very nice find! The great majority of my razors have come from antique shops, all at great prices. That reminds me, I need to hit them up again before tourist season comes around. A couple of places have already started raising prices:eek:
It was in Brooklyn, I had never seen a razor in there before and it was the only one they had. Its a tiny little hole in the wall called "Under The Pig" [oops, there goes my secret source] and they have beautiful old pottery from the 20's-40's, lots of tschokes (Yiddish for kitschy odds and ends, like tiny porcelain cat and dog salt and pepper shakers or a tie clasp from the 1964 World's Fair, or cufflinks with the Ford logo on them - get the picture?), and other "stuff".
Nice score ! I tried my luck last month, visited a few shops but no luck and no razors.. BTW most shop owners/ employees were snobs and told me they don't take razors because they were so common and you can find them everywhere..... Everywhere ?? so how come I can't even find one ? :sneaky2:
that's so cheap, it's a wonder Fidjit did not score it first! :wink:

mmm, trip from Tassie to US, find $2 razor............... ummm, that doesn't sound so cheap to me :001_tt2:

There's been some great finds here in the last couple of days. Darjeeling's Adjustable, Goldtwin's FB and President....

They're got them even cheaper than some of my finds.....

I've got to expand my search soon, think I've been to every charity shop, opp shop and antique shop in the immediate vicinity.

Nice find Darjeeling :thumbup:

( I've been thinking about putting my new found #21 into the loan consortium, but have a feeling that the logistics of shipping might not make it worth it )
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TommyC - This was the first quality razor I've ever found. We must be looking in the wrong places.
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( I've been thinking about putting my new found #21 into the loan consortium, but have a feeling that the logistics of shipping might not make it worth it )

Let me tell you, I wouldn't be surprised if someone would be delighted to pay the shipping costs to borrow a #21 for a couple of weeks. Float a pic in the Consortium and see if there are any nibbles. I'm going to be working on a Consortium Pool Gallery (one of these days), so members can see what's available.
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