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Another newbie here...

I just found out about the site today from flyer about new shaving sticks that QED sent out with my order.

A little shaving history here...

I moved to electric razors early as disposables/cartridges have always given me skin trouble. The electrics are fast and easy with less irritation, but for a really close shave I had to use a manual "shaving system." I always figured that if I could shave in the shower it would be an improvement.

I finally purchased a Norelco coolskin lotion dispensing razor that I could use in the shower. This was an improvement, but the nivea stuff it squirted out didn't seem to do a very good job lubricating my face.

About this time I started seeing articles on the web about wet shaving. I had a can of edge gel for sensitive skin and decided to try lathering up with that. Definitely better, but still short of what I really wanted.

On Tuesday I ordered some supplies from QED. A Saville Row: Pure Badger 'Tortoise' 3.8" brush. A jar of Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender shave cream. As well as a bottle of Hoyt's Cologne. This afternoon I get up (working 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM today) and get in the shower. Doorbell rings (I'm a gonna kill me a salesman). On the doorstep, I find my package from QED (nearly perfect timing). Take the stuff out and get back in the shower.

The results were outstanding. Best shave yet. I may have used a little too much cream as it was actually generating lather inside the blade housing of the electric, but it was great. Great smell and the razor glided about my face easily with no post shave irritation whatsoever. :biggrin:

Afterwards, I put on some Hoyt's and its just now wearing off twelve hours later. The cologne is especially impressive considering the sweat inducing heat both outside and in my office here. No razor burn or redness, both of which have been lifetime problems. Especially during hot humid weather when I sweat alot.

I haven't gotten a double edged razor yet. I'm still somewhat trepiditious about using one of them, but I've got my eye on the Merkur classic from classic shaving.

I also reccomended the site to someone I work with who is really interested in stuff like this.


welcome to the B & B site!

I found your usage of wetshaving products with modern technology interesting to say the least. i too own a norelco cool skin electric, but not for shaving my face ( my head when in a hurry).

Nice to hear that u got excellent results also!:w00t:

BTW, normal practice when signing off is to use your first name.

Looking forward to more of your posts-- and again WECOME!

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