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an irritating discovery

Shaved with my aggressive Yaqi DOC. You gotta use a light touch and was surprised by little, if any, post-shave irritation. In contrast to milder razors with harder pressing and more irritation. I assumed lots of blade feel with aggressive razor would cause irritation, but now I'm thinking it's more how hard you press. Wondering if anyone else has seen this? Also, not much sting to aftershave like usual. Low pressure might be the key to less irritation, methinks.
Low pressure might be the key to less irritation, methinks.
Yes absolutely.

Fully exposed DE blades are used in many shavettes. That's a great way to learn a light touch: your blood is a great teacher ;)

Seriously though, you do learn a lot about shaving with straights/shavettes. You develop a feel for how a very sharp blade can glide safely across your skin - or not... - and that transfers over to DE shaves.

Straight razor skin-stretching techniques can occasionally be useful with a DE.
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