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Amouage Memoir Man vs Beach Hut Man

Hey there,

Has anyone tried both Memoir Man and Beach Hut man? Would you be willing to share your experiences with each and how they compare?

Sorry, can't offer any thoughts on either.
Fragrantica describes Memoir as leathery and Beach Hut as woody, FWIW.
But, if it's Amouage, you probably won't go wrong, from my limited experience, all their juices are over-the-top!

I've worn both and prefer Beach Hut personally. It's fresh, green, woody, overall very pleasant and not as challenging as many of their other scents. Memoir...initially I really didn't know what to think, it was very unique. It's woody, a little spicy, herbal, green, smokey, amber, incense. I resampled recently and liked it a bit more for its dark and mysterious but still classy vibe. Not as wearable as Beach Hut. I wouldn't blind buy anything from Amouage, no matter how much I think I'll know what it will smell like looking at the notes, it's always way different. A lot, I appreciate the art more than I'd want to wear it.
I've only tried beach hut man. It's not a fragrance I'd recommend wearing inside.. Its actually incredible if you're outside and there is a breeze.. The scent really carries and projects in the breeze. The scent is interesting but strange. Yes it's minty, green, barbershop-y... It reminds me of a right guard spray deodorant. I really have no idea how they came up with that name because there's nothing beach-y nor hut-ty about it..a very powerful and interesting fragrance nonetheless... Typical of the house.
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