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FS Aftershaves and EDTs: Fine, WSP, B&M

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Holy Aftershaves Batman!

Offering up a rather large Fine Accoutrements selection for sale, and some WSP Made to Order, and B&M Spice.

Per the BST rules, only Paypal G&S payments. All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING of my choice. Please DM me, and I will consider each in the order of requests, and ability to commit soonest.

Fine Accoutrements Aftershaves (entire lot price $100)
- $15 each, all are 90% -100% full
- Scents:
○ L'Orange Noir
○ Fresh Vetiver
○ American Blend
○ Santal Absolut
○ Platinum
○ Green Vetiver
○ Lavender Pour Homme
○ Italian Citrus (old formula)
○ Aquamarine
○ Italian Citrus (new formula)

Fine Accoutrements EDTs (entire lot price $70)
- $25 each, all used max of once
- Scents:
○ American Blend
○ Platinum
○ Italian Citrus

WSP and B&M (entire lot price $80)
- $15 each, all are 98% -100% full
- WSP Distinguished Gentleman
- WSP Classic Vetiver
- WSP Tobacco Vanilla
- WSP Black Pepper
- WSP Oud Citron
- B&M Reserve Spice

Thanks all, and I hope you all can use some/all of these in your dens!

Ok, folks. Left are:

AS: WSP Black Pepper, WSP Oud Citron, B&M Reserve Spice
EDT: Fine AB, Platinum, Italian Citrus
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