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Hey y’all! I love everything about wet shaving, but there’s something about that final splash of AS that wraps the whole experience up perfectly. I just wanted to show off my aftershave collection here and see what y’all had in your collections. Let me know what you think! I’m curious to see the awesome treasures you all have, as well. Maybe even open to some buy/trade/sell action, too.


  • Pinaud Clubman (in vintage barbershop gift bottle)
  • Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla (in vintage Ed. Pinaud bottle with cork top)
  • Pinaud Bay Rum (in vintage Ed. Pinaud bottle with metal top)
  • Jeris Clubman Osage Rub (two different vintage bottles)
  • Mennen Skin Bracer (vintage tennis racquet, mini bottle, & golf club with vintage juice)
  • Aqua Velva Ice Blue (vintage bottle and juice)
  • Fabrege Brut (vintage flask glass bottle and classic glass bottle, both vintage juice)
  • Old Spice Classic (vintage telescope)
  • English Leather (vintage bottle and juice)
  • Stetson Original (vintage bottle with vintage juice and new bottle)
  • Murray & Lanman Florida Water (glass bottle)
  • Maurer and Wirtz 4711 (large and small vintage bottes, both vintage juice)
  • Royall Lyme (large new bottle and vintage small bottle w/ vintage juice)
  • Royall Mandarin (new—willing to trade)
  • Proraso Green
  • Cella Lozione Dopobarba
  • Phoenix AA Chella Cool
  • Floid Vigoroso (vintage bottle and juice)
  • Avon Wild Country (longhorn glass bottle with vintage juice)
That’s a great collection of vintage bottles! I had a vintage set of English Leather AS and cologne that I sold on the BST a while back, I thought those big wooden tops were super cool.

Same here. My dad used to have English Leather and Brut on his bathroom counter. I remember thinking the wooden top looked so cool, too.
I bet! How did you even come across it? First time I've seen the vintage Floid bottle.

eBay—if the seller has legit ratings I’ve always received good products. But part of the reason I’m getting on these forums is because I’d rather buy stuff straight from wet shave enthusiasts who I know have authentic and unique stuff.
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