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added some things to the stash today

I wanted so much more, but then i was buying at a B&M so i didnt want to go crazy i over paid buy a lot internet standard wise but i picked myself up some baccy, and a little clay pipe i thought would be good to keep in car for lunch at work and was 5 bucks


the petersons flake is great smelling and has more flavour to it then my other things that i have had thus far, the solani i think is a great example of smells amazing in the tin smells okay light with the odd rush of flavour on the tongue, but that could be me and my pipe but i seen a lot of less then favourable reviews on the net for it

i think my next stuff is going to come from online, add some VA, and English mixes to the uhhh mix, and finally get one of them cobs cause i dont think a pipe collection is complete without at least one
getting ready to place an order at 4noggins, anyone have an advice as to full flavoured tobacco i should look at there, probably add four or five tins maybe more, would prefer stuff that doesnt just smell great like i have had but tastes great and smells amazing off the pipe too,... i have no real preferences yet as to specific types i was looking at

Dunhill - nightcap
Esoterica - Pembroke
Sam Gawrth - BBF, changed this out for McC 3 Oaks Syrian
Gawrth Hoggarth - Bobs Chocolate, And this one out for McC Frog Morton on the town
Peterson - Irish Flake

anything i should really look forward to or leave out, or should i trade something off that list for something else, and advice as always would be appreciated muchly

thanks Gents
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I thought so was surprised by it really, first tobacco that lived up to the scent out of the tin for me and the little clay guy worked great feels a bit odd in the mouth and has its own little taste to it but i like it, except its stem shape is oval and makes it want to turn sideways
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