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Adam Savage's Mythbusters Toolbox And Orginisers

Good afternoon chaps. Since many of us run to the eccentric side here(hand raised firmly skyward) I thought you may enjoy seeing what Adam Savage of the Mythbusters uses for tool storage. He espouses a "First-Order Retrievability" philosophy. That is; No tool should need be moved to access another. I tend to go along with this and despise an unorganised tool bag. I have constantly complained about the lack of stabilised vertical storage for hand tools. The Veto Pro comes close but is a bit too generic for certain things. Adam took matters into hand and fabricated his own aluminium cantilevered toolbox! I have included some photos and links. Many here appreciate the maker culture and he is first and foremost a fabricator. A "maker" if you will. I knew he was into Hollywood props and FX but never realised how deep his work went. Very fascinating. I hope you enjoy.

Cheers, Todd

The thread at rpf forum that Adam contributed to; http://www.therpf.com/f9/adam-savages-mythbusters-toolbox-78239/

First models were re-purposed doctor bags

Models he built overnight from aluminium. What a job he did!

Video of the Sortimo parts bins. I really like them.

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Hey gents, sorry for the bump but I had to add this link to the Sortimo T-Boxxes. There should be a small slide show like animation when you reach the page that shows various configurations in the same case. Very nice product. Both Sortimo and Tanos are making a push to the North American market with sorting containers customised tool containers. You will see the Sortimo L-Boxxes in N.A. predominantly under the Bosch brand and their accompanying blue colour. The Tanos boxes are called Systainers and you see a lot of them under the Festool name in Europe. Both make interesting and useful storage containers. The T-Boxxes in the video above have transparent lids, hence the T in the designation. The L designates logistics. Fancy naming but the products are effective from what I can gather. I am going to be investigating one of them for my rotary tools and bits. When you go to the Tanos site play around with the "configurator" as they call it. You can choose case, handle, and latch colours.

Cheers, Todd

Cheers, Todd
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