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Acquisitions from GATOR Cutlery Show Lakeland, FL 2024

Antique Hoosier

It has been years since I have attended this annual Knife Show but it has a deep history as one of the better ones in the USA. Over the years I’ve found some interesting straight razors at very fair pricing because the knife guys treat them pretty much like red headed stepchildren. I viewed about 80 razors among over 100 booths that mainly catered to vintage or custom knives. Out of those I selected 6 shown below.

Photographed as they came out of paper towel wraps and a plastic grocery bag. All need different levels of cleaning. There are no super Grail pieces just razors I have tried before in some shape or form minus exact brand /marque in the last 15 years plus and have left my shave den.

Wade & Butcher The Celebrated “For Barber’s Use” 8/8 and 9/8 respectively

Adolphe Arbenz French frame back with very nice case and tool to remove the blade.

Henckels FRIODUR 15/16 INOX

FWE Special 5/8 (sort of a cool beater)

Bengall 6/8 double signed “Concaved by R.H. Hegener Minneapolis Minn.

The show is still open through tomorrow in Lakeland, FL at the RP Funding Center.

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