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A Touching Vegetal Moment

I have really enjoyed reading several books by Chuck Barris, the game show producer and host....I was reading Della, the story of his troubled, wonderful, and deceased daughter.

He was talking about how much joy he got when his daughter kissed her when he dropped her at school. Then he said:

"She loved the smell of Lilac Vegetal, my aftershave lotion. When I finished shaving in the morning, I would shake some of the Lilac Vegetal onto my hands, rub my hands together, and lightly slap the lotion on my cheeks. Then I'd rub a little bit on Della's nose. She always laughed when I did that."

Page 79 from Della by Chuck Barris.

I highly recommend this book.
It makes sense.

Somehow, someway, The Veg had to be connected to "The Gong Show".

Another piece of the cosmic puzzle slides into place.
I once had a touching Vegetal moment...it touched my face, I almost vomitted from the smell and then I poured it around my property to keep the animals away.
@Phil: Do you think the house and the car might explain the wife's ability to tolerate that face (and the stench upon it)? :lol:
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