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A new find at home... A Wester Bros De Fi

Hi All,

I am a new guy to the wetshave...at least it has been many years ago, but I am ready to get into it...I was just waiting for a razor (Weber) to start it all off with...when I found a Wester Bros razor that I had picked up about 7 years ago and had forgotten all about. So now I would like to reclaim it into a shaving apparatus if it is possible.

I would like to know a couple of things about this straight edge too. I am uploading 4 images of this razor to help with these questions.

1. Its approximate age?
2. If it can be used for shaving still. The edge of the razor is slightly "nicked" ...has a bit of a rough edge at spots, but no true notches.
3. I haven't looked at any strops, any suggestions?
4. What does the 34 mean... a model number?

I am looking to get a Weber ARC DE, but I not afraid to do straight edge too if this little razor will do?

Thanks for your help.
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Thanks again,

$Wester.jpg$blade.jpg$De Fi.jpg$Razor and box.jpg
Nice. I have one just like it. Good shaver!

1. No idea
2. Have it honed. Looks ok to me. The experts should chime in here shortly!
3. Whipped dog poor man's strop kit with an extra strop. I got the "cosmetically flawed" deal. Cheaper. 17 for the first strop and 8 for a backup. You are sure to nick it more than a few times. So no need for a fancy one just yet.
4. Sure. Why not :) I'm sure someone else knows!

Mike H

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De-Fi was made between 1909 and 1949. Your razor looks to be from the 30 or 40s. My guess is that 34 is the model number. Congratulations, they are a fine shaver. The blade looks good, but you will need to get it honed, and a strop. Check out Larry at whippeddog.com for a cheap strop, he can hone pretty good too. :thumbup:
Wester Bro De-Fi are great shavers, I think I have 3 or 4 of them, sadly the best shaving one I sold back to the original owner because they missed it so much and had sellers remorse.

Looks like yours is in great shape, get it honed up and put it to use.
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