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A Day with Mastro Livi

Well actually it was 2 but that tittle sounded much more catchy. ;)

So I was very privileged to spend some time with Mastro Livi. He is such a great man and I had the time of my life in his workshop.

Here he is preparing to make his Damascus Steel

This was my fantastic translator Luis. He is holding up one of Mastro's razors which he blues with heat...? I dont know how. But its beautiful.

Mastro took myself and a few of his friends out for lunch. A great bunch!

His display case which can make a grown man drule.

Time to get the furnace going. :)

After making Damascus steel he then showed me how he grinds a razor (this will all have to be in another thred.) As you can see he would dip it in a solution to show the grain. He did this at each stage for me. Such a good guy!

And this is one reason why his blades cost what they do. He is an artist. He works his way through a variety for wheels from about 24" to 4" to get the full hollow, and on the last wheel he suddenly stoped and threw the thing aside. My translator wasnt there anymore but he signed that the razor was cupot. Then proceeded to force a screwdriver through an area that was to thin to show me why.

All in all it was the greatest part of my trip around Europe. Such a dream come true! They are a great family!

My score at the end. A Mastro Livi Razor with my name and date on it. The Blade I watched him make. A sample of Damascus steel. A hone. Two of his DVDs. Some scales. And one of his untouched blade blanks (these were manufactured by a black smith in Italy. This man passed away and his family offered them to Mastro Livi). He was so Generous with me.
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Woops For got to include a before and after pic of his New Old Stok razors.

Also for got to include a pic of my Razor
Here is me shaving with an Italian Shaving cream and preshave cream, with an Italian Brush (Omega) and an Italian Razor, in Venice. Life is good. :D
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:drool: that is just simply awesome!!!. I tried to find a sword maker who would make a Kamisori here in Korea.... but to no luck.....I would have spent a day or two in Europe just like you did. Your a lucky man!
This is really cool. How did this go down? Does one just pick up the phone and say "Hey, I'd like to swing by and spend the day at your shop".
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