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Yaqi Katana

Yaqi Katana single edge razor (half de)
Pros: Compact in those hard to reach locations.
Yaqi cheap
Cons: Blade loading is fussy
A bit agressive
She looks almost feminine pretty little thing.... but beware you might get....

Early morning..... break a blade load it in the katana bit fuzzy but it looks straight and tightened down no movement.... d... that is a nice blade gap.... carefull....
You feel the blade not the razor. It shaves agressive with my gsb not flayed but would not call it gentle. The end result is a dfs. I might have shedded a drop of something else.
This thing wakes you up.

I had several goes with the original handle and a brass one (which I like more) but the bottom line remains too agressive for my taste of a daily shaver. Good to work in tight spots.

Head is a bit overplated and blade locks might be more pronounced on this mk 2 or 3.
Decently made handle is a bit sharp pretty to look at but beware she can scratch your eyes out.

Would I buy again nope

Kijken kijken en niet kopen....
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User Friendly
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Ease of Blade Replacement
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