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Wright's Coal Tar Soap

i found this today while walking trough tesco. €1.10 and the smell that i could get just by holding it at arms length with the package unopend. takes me back to my grandparents house.... turf fired stove,wrights soap, rainiy days, a old dog called daisy, mint sweets,old tobacco smoke....

its amazing what a smell can do.

to me this soap was a time machiene to my childhood :thumbup1:

not bad for €1

although now my whole house smells like it :blink:
I also like this soap, this was the soap my grandfather always used and so it brings back memories for me. Its a very traditional soap and has a wonderful manly smell to it.
I have tried many soaps over the years and the one I keep wanting to come back to is Wright's.

I love the scent, can be strong but is something I love. Wright's lathers wonderfully in a thick creamy way that is long lasting and good for your skin, it provides a very nice almost shave like lather that has plenty of creamy slip without being greasy. The bar lasts a long time and doesn't dry out my skin.

Wright's for me is actually very calming and relaxing (almost in a radox kind of way) to use and I look forward to using it every shower. It has a lovely orange color that is nice to see and reminds me of a nice sunny day, very warming.

Wright's has been around for a long time and for good reason. Wright's doesn't use many ingredients, Sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, glycerin, fragrance, sodium chloride, EDTA (preservative), pigment yellow 13 and pigment red 3. I think if they had different scents it would be a much more popular soap.

I won't be spending big bucks on bath soap anymore as long as Wright's is around as I find the quality very high for the price!
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