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Wild Turkey Tribute

This is the review for the American release of Wild Turkey Tribute, aged 15 years and 101 proof, 5500 bottles created.

The Price is definitely the low point of this product. It was $90 when first released, but now as it is very hard to find the price has risen over $100. But if you can find a bottle, I compare to the new B&B brush if can afford it, it will definitely be worth the cost and when it's gone, it's gone.

The Quality is impeccable. I have been fortunate enough to taste many of the most premium bourbons on the market, and this is the finest. Bourbon ages very differently than Scotch with the heat of a Kentucky summer and with whisky aging in new oak barrels rather than used ones. Often a 15 year old product will be so overwhelmed with tannins that the smooth, sweet maple syrup, vanilla and honey will be lost, this is not the case with Tribute. Jimmy Russell himself is also very reluctant to age a bourbon beyond 10 years, in the crafting of this product he meticulously maintained and scrutinized each barrel to ensure it was up to quality standards.

The Value is incredibly high, especially when you consider the price compared with other bourbons. In addition this bourbon is a limited release which is very hard to find and will not be produced in this incarnation in the future. As stated earlier if you can find it, pick up a bottle.

The Flavor is a slice of heaven. It is everything a great bourbon should be. The only downside could be it's intensity. I love this about it, but this is a huge bourbon, a big, robust, chewy bourbon, enormous on the palate. It begins with sweet fruit with caramel, maple syrup and a hint of molasses. Then it transitions into layers of spices, cinnamon and cloves and deeper layers of cedar and leathers. Finally the oak and tannins makes it's presence known. The maturity and staying power are filling the room and won't leave for quite some time.

The Aroma is beautiful and one of my favorite things about this bourbon is the resting period between bottle and glass, when I sit back relax with my nose stuffed down in the glass just feeling like I'm inhaling America. Bold and powerful, but exuberant and joyful, like a wonderful afternoon at the Kentucky Derby after you've just won the trifecta. Brown Sugar, layers of oak, oranges far away on a hill and maybe a touch of rich chocolate.

I very much enjoy the packaging of this bourbon. I'm not one that cares much for packaging, but I really care for this one. The bottle is small and stout with a simple clear label, delicate and clean. A gold ornament rings around the neck. The cork is topped with a sturdy pine wood top elegant and decorous. The best part is the wood box the bottle comes in. It is cylindrical and entirely made of steamed wood and adorned with the Wild Turkey logo, beautiful packaging.

This is a gorgeous bourbon, without a doubt one of the best, I can't recommend it enough.

An interesting tidbit about this bourbon. It was created as a Tribute for Jimmy Russell, hence it's name, but it was intended to be surprise but how to keep the best bourbon secret from the master distiller? And they needed a man of Russell's talent to create such a bourbon. So he was informed that in honor of Austin Nichols 150th anniversary, Wild Turkey would release a special 15 yo bourbon. It was only at the release of the bourbon that Russell learned that this very special product he had slaved over was actually a Tribute to him.

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