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This is my newest fragrance and has rapidly become my go-to. The opening is a pleasantly pungent hit of citrus and basil. These notes morph seamlessly into a slightly spicier note of ginger and citrus with the basil fading into a very slight flowery note. The dry down leaves a touch of woodiness (ala Spanish Cedar), a very slight citrus touch and reminds me of my favorite pipe tobacco.

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Pros: Everything! Great combination of scents without being overpowering
Cons: Slightly lacking in projection and longevity
A great fragrance for any time of day or night. The citrus and basil topnotes blend away into what becomes an almost new humidor + pipe tobacco combination with a touch of orchid / vanilla. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a scent that is complex enough to be interesting but not overpowering. The only frustration is its lack of projection.
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