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Tabac luxury [hand] soap

Price: I paid 7 € for a 150-gram puck of this. That comes out to about $9.74 and 6¢ per gram. That's a lot, especially when you consider that soap costs almost nothing to make. Ivory soap costs 2¢ per gram.

Quality: The soap looks and smells like a luxury soap. It also came wrapped in fancy wax paper and a cardboard ring.

Latherability: The soap lathers nicely for a hand soap. My mother's homemade hand soap, which costs a fraction of the price, lathers better, though.

Moisturizing: My hands feels nice after I use the soap.

Scent: It smells similar to the Tabac shaving soap. This is a must have for Tabac lovers.

Efficacy: The lather could be better.

Packaging: The packaging was good. The box looks elegant and the soap came wrapped nicely.

Final thoughts: I do not think this soap is worth the price, unless you're a Tabacaholic. I will purchase this soap again, but only because I love Tabac.

Where to purchase: Your best bet would be Amazon. Alpine Importers also sells the soap. You could, alternatively, use this as an excuse to visit the beautiful country of Germany :wink:

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