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Southern & Richardson 6/8

Wow! I absolutely adore the look of that razor!
Southern & Richardson, Sheffield "Shaveesi", 6/8 hollow ground.
I got this on ebay for about £20, the most I've spent on a razor. It looked lovely in the photos, but looks didn't convey the whole story.

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The box I made myself, I like these tube boxes, they protect the razor and hold it shut. Simple and functional! The scales are albalone, with a lining of a layer of plastic, and a layer of aluminium. This makes them quite heavy, and that's the only problem with it. The blade is hollow ground, but not very hollow- in fact the ridge between the two grinds can be easily felt and seen- no need to turn it and look for the reflected light. This and the width make it quite a heavy blade, but the scales are heavier and this really upsets the balance- it feels like you have to wrestle with it to make it go where you want, unlike some razors which you scarcely notice you are holding.

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That shows the width of the scales. They weigh a surprising ammount! However they look really nice, so I keep it and use it all the same. It's really psychedelic, good choice for one of those mornings when you overdid the mescaline shaving soap! :crazy:

It takes on a decent edge, but takes longer to than a really hollow razor would, due to it's thickness. It once belonged to a 7 day set, as I discovered when I got it- it has "thursday" etched onto the spine. Not wanting to upset it, I use it on Thursdays.
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