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Solid, cute little worker

I bought this because I was too impatient to wait for the HD to come back into stock and I wanted a butterfly razor (my dad had one I used to play with as a child).
For £10 including P&P I thought this was quite reasonable. When it arrived it looked a little more worn than I expected from the pics, but considering it must be 50 years old it's in great shape.
British-made and really solidly constructed, it's also surprisingly heavy--only 0.15 oz less than the Merkur, despite being much smaller (see pic). It's been used (or twiddled by kids) so much that the chrome has worn off the knob, but the butterfly mechanism is still perfectly smooth and not loose at all. Other than that there's very little visible wear and tear.

After using a cartridge handle I thought I'd find this a bit short, but actually I find that for this kind of shaving I wouldn't want anything longer than my index finger. The handle is a bit delicate for my sausage-like fingers though--I prefer the extra diameter of the Merkur, but the Junior is very impressively knurled to give you a good grip.

When shaving the weight gives reasssurance and control, and really lets the razor do the work itself. You get the impression there's a lot of shaving knowledge built into this razor, which is great for a beginner.

I haven't used enough razors to talk knowledgeably about aggressiveness but this is milder than the Merkur, which is again great for a beginner. I now use the Merkur on a daily basis but am happy to have this around for days when I'm feeling a bit fragile or perhaps for travelling, as it's compact and clearly bullet-proof.
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