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Sandalwood Hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs

I was a little nervous about ordering this, since the website says it is made from the bark of the sandalwood (santalum album in this case) tree. I was under the impression that the heartwood was used to produce the oil, but for $11/ 8oz I figured it was worth a try.

I was not disappointed. This stuff smells very much like the santalum album oil (in jojoba oil) they have down at my local health food store- woody, with a warm, round, and ever so slightly spicy presence. For the record, this is my reference scent for what "sandalwood" should smell like, for better or for worse. I might almost call the scent 'buttery,' although perhaps this is not fair since it is not intended for consumption. I can't call it an in-your-face scent- if I dab a drop on my wrist, the scent is fairly subtle, but detectable for a few minutes, not bad for a hydrosol (Or at least the hydrosols I have tried). On my skin, the woodiness doesn't linger as long as the rest of the components of the scent, although I do smell it distinctly in the bottle. My skin treats scents strangely though, for what it is worth. It is colorless if that matters.

As far as I am concerned, hydrosols are just scented water, and I use them as such. In my homemade aftershaves, hair tonics, and other stuff, I use them as the water component of the formula to also provide scent, when I do not want the scent to last any longer than the time I take applying the product. My skin feels slightly tackier after I apply it straight, it is very slight, but not my imagination. It may have other skin care benefits, but I don't notice them. As I said, to me it is just scented water.

The packaging for the 8oz (and larger) version is a plain plastic bottle with a simple label. I think the 4oz comes in a spray bottle, but check the website to be sure. Shipping was fast- four days from the click of the mouse. It can be found at the bottom of the page here:


Price- seems fair. Try and find something like this ANYWHERE else.

Quality- smells like the real deal!

Scent- awesome, if short lived.

Efficacy- if this means 'water that smells like sandalwood,' mission accomplished.

Packaging- Plastic bottle. As far as I am concerned, it needs no dressing up. The atomizer quality on the smaller size I can't speak to.

Discussion thread if desired:

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