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Sanborns "Flor de Naranja"

This is also available in Texas through HEB as Sanborn's Orange Blossom Water and I believe Walgreen's sells it online... Like Florida Water it has multiple uses...
...And it burns, burns, burns - but in a bracing, refreshing way.

Sanborns is a luxury department store in Mexico City, that has branches across the country. They have traditionally produced some of their own products and "Agua Colonia - Flor de Naranja" is one of them.

At about US$6 for a half litre, this is well priced. The scent stays for a while but is not overpowering. It smells pleasantly of orange, with a hint of jasmine and lavender - but there are musky base notes too.

The alcohol content is high and the burn is hot, but brief. It is a very refreshing skin splash that can be used at any time in the day, not just after shaving. This is a perfect product for the country in which it is made and marketed. There is no moisturizer, but in this humidity - who needs it?
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