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Saint Charles Shave - Spruce Soap

Pros: Scent, slickness
Cons: Color, lather
Personally, I have found that just because a soap explodes with lather in just a few twirls of the brush, does not mean it will provide a smooth comfortable shave. A soap need to build a thick, rich lather with plenty of slickness.I have tried many many (yeah bad SAD and SCAD) of the worlds finest shave creams and soaps. There are quite a few that will work, and a few that are just a pleasure to shave with. I can honestly say, I am hard to impress and also was of the belief that hundreds of years of experience MUST outweigh a few years that some of the newer soap makers have. Some are great shavers, but cause my skin irritation, others hard to lather etc.When I received my puck of SCS Pine Shave Soap, I was ready to be disappointed. Well, I am happy to report, this is my new favorite soap. Yes (gulp), even better IMHO than Tabac (That was hard).The soft puck quickly built a rich slick lather on my silver-tip. Face lathering is a must here. Don't want to have the lather be built too far from your nose, the sent is amazing. Shaving with this soap gives you great sense of safety. The razor glides over your skin clipping the tops off the hairs without worry of nicks.The smell, well lets just say, being originally from Newfoundland Canada has given me 30 years of natural pine scent for my memories. Christmas always is a happy family even at home. When I held the brush to my face, the smell of fresh pine brought a little tear to my eyes. This is one of the most natural scents I have experienced in any soap.
At the time of this review, the cost of a 3 oz puck is $6.00 US. Wow.I am a Saint Charles Shave client for life.Oh, and Sue is really great to deal with. Top notch customer service.
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