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Razorock Black Hawk V2

Pros: Very smooth
Cons: Can clog easily
After about 9 months of almost exclusively using the Razorock Hawk V2 for my head shaves, I can still say that this is an exceptional Razor and my preferred razor for shaving my head. I prefer lightweight razors for shaving my head and using the Feather Pro-Guard AC Blades, I never get any nicks, cuts or weepers and the results are almost always BBS after two passes (with a few spot touch ups). I find it really easy to use this razor on the head as your attack angle and technique does not have to be perfect in order to get a great shave. It can be difficult to get perfect technique when shaving the back of the head where you can't see your angle and have to shave by feel. I find it almost effortless to get a quick and exceptionally smooth, hassle free head shave with the Hawk V2 and Feather pro-guard combo.

I should point out that I have been trying out the Gillette Guard Razor recently for my first pass on my head when there is more than three days growth to remove (which is working out wonderfully - it never clogs) but I still always use the Razorock Hawk V2 for my second pass and touch ups. The Hawk V2 just does an amazing job getting into all the crevices and giving my head an incredibly soft and smooth feel with no irritation.

Although I was getting good face shaves with the Hawk V2 as well (using anything other than the Feather Super's), I found that I was getting easier and better face shaves with the heavier brass General and the Stainless Steel Hawk V1 more for my face. Since October, 2017 I have been growing my winter beard so haven't been using any AC razors for cleaning the edges of my beard as I found them all to be too wide for that level of detail work.

Overall, I love the Aluminum Hawk V2 so much that I am willing to call it my favorite head shaving Razor. Although I am not a fan of lightweight razors for shaving my face with, the aluminum Hawk V2 still does a good job but for me, it just doesn't perform as well as my heavier Brass General or Stainless Steel Hawk V1. If a Stainless Steel Hawk V2 is ever released, I would suspect that I would prefer that much more.

Finally I have tried adding a heavier handle to the Aluminum Hawk V2 head for my face shaves and it had helped a bit. I really prefer that the weight in my razor to be more on the head of the razor and that there be a better balance in weight overall between the head and the handle though.
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