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Penhaligons Quercus

Got a sample of this when I bought a bottle of Blenheim. When I tried it on my skin when I got home, I thought I hade somehow grabbed the wrong thing in the bathroom — the scent is uncannily like that of Nivea shower gel and deodorant (though when I compare them side-by-side, there is a clear difference). Still, the idea of a rather expensive EdC that reminds me of a cheap deodorant (the smell of which I do not particularly care for; I bought that bottle in an emergency and it has been sitting in my bathroom ever since) does not inspire me to extend my supply beyond the sample. Sorry, Penhaligon's, but I shall pass on this one.
I have not been able to find many scents that I like, and I am no connoisseur. Sharp florals put me off - the right (wrong) ones will pretty much put a spike through my head.

Quercus is marketed as a mans fragrance, but I can see it working well for a woman too. There is not much complexity to my nose - what it opens with seems to be pretty much what you get. There is a little citrus at the opening, but it disappears almost immediately leaving you with the floral heart. The base notes are supposed to be musk and amber, but I never really get them.

This cologne has been slammed by some as being short lived, but on me it lasts all day. I really, really like it, but I have to be in a mood for it since it is fairly strong. That seems to be a minority opinion. If you read the Basenotes reviews it gets hammered for poor longevity. I guess this is a YMMV sort of thing.

I find Quercus a rather loud scent, and I have to reduce what I would normally use to keep it from being overpowering. But when used for good rather than evil, it's great stuff.

The price is a little steep. Well, it's a lot steep. But a little goes a long way on me so in cost per use it's not too bad. The packaging is pure class. Who else puts a little bow tie on their bottle? :biggrin:
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