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Occams Oren enhanced nano

B grade Occam Oren modern artist club single edge razor
Pros: With a Kai protouch a mindless easy peasy quick clean shaver
Cons: Finish of the handle
With a protouch not challenging
Expensive as a razor and relative expensive to use.
Heheh and now in the review section which is quite difficult to find to be able to enter something.

First impressions nice packaging, multiple plates screws tool to replace blades, nice!
Some clearly visible flaws on the razor which I would not call minor, less nice but it is a b grade!

I have had a oneblade genesis finish wise this does not come close. Imho even flawless this is more a 100-150 usd razor.
The extra plates are a plus though. The longer life ac blades it uses too.

Build wise it is good, balance good, open handle a bit awkward. Relative light but I like heavy razors!
Putting a blade in or out by hand never needed the tool.

Handle is not slippery
Immediately that oren easily locks in the right shaving angle.

The protouch blade feels weird though as if you shave without a blade or a blunt blade. This comes due to the comb on the blades themselves you feel that and not the cutting edge.
With a two dot blade virtually impossible to cut yourself. And you are looking in the soap to see stubbles, yes they are there it cuts!

If I get other blades I will update the review because that will definitely alter the now virtually idiot proof mindless shave (which has its own quick and easy clean benefits).

If the oren had a pivot head it would be a I idiot contender of the oneblades shave wise and comfort wise.
However it is definitely effective and easy peasy shaver.

Not sure I like the sharp hollow handle.
But the balance is absolutely right.
The head is very open so clogging is no issue.

The Kai protouch blade fits nicely.
Did not notice plus or cons from the floating blade design (just as with a oneblade genesis)

I tried Schick Prolines but as others mentioned these artist club blades are a problem. It looks though (see top plate photos) that the locks in the head are a bit to large compared to the holes of the proline. I might alter the 1 dot top plate to explore this later. Keep in mind occam recommends feather and neither Kai or schick! But it seems solvable with patience and a dremel. First shave some time with the Kai to see if I should bother at all... or get some feathers.

No issues under the nose or whatever.
I am almost bbs without effort or irritation. Only under my yaw not completely. And even my adamsapple is clean and unscathed!
Soooo 👍

Shave a couple of days and switch to a 3 dot plate to see if it gets closer
Will be interesting to see how the blades last. Most report longer life.

Good razor for that hurried or sleepy shave where you do not want to mess around with a more aggressive peace of work like a qshave futul or Parker adjustable which will bite you in the ... when you get sloppy.

But other razors give me more of a zen kick as the Oren! That cutting sound is lacking. So it is a bit boring.
OTOH being able to a rush shave or I did cut myself yesterday and I need a white shirt look presentable today shave is worth something tooo.

Quality notes
My Occam Oren is a 49,50 usd second grade so it has its flaws which do not seem to hamper the shave.
Most noticeably are the handle opening not properly centered and some toolmarks on the guard.
The handle opening is also sharp which is mentioned by others.

Would recommend getting its sibling with closed handle instead as a second since that hole not centered looks a bit whacked.

Imho for the second grade price it is a nice razor for someone wanting to start with a de or se coming from carts
Razor was 49.50, shipping 25, taxes 30.. blades are 10-15 per 15!
They should last about 10 days

In europe it is an expensive razor to buy shipping and taxes will add 100usd and blades are more expensive per shave compared to a de it will total way over 300 usd

But cheaper as a oneblade to run due to blade life and easier blade availability and pricing.

So assuming you like an unchallenging shave do not mind the cash...

Imho it is recommended!

Tip want to wander in this se world it might be a good idea to get a b grade first ( does not break the bank) and if you like it enough push it to the holiday/travel kit and get a flawless one for the bathroom. Not sure how easy it is to get spare blades though. But small chance anyone nicks these.

Ow and I might have stumbled upon why no one uses review my standard iPhone photos are too large and not allowed to upload and you need 1 upload in the discription
Section is also complicated to many options sorry!
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Nice review, thanks!
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