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Nivea FRESH kick

Shaving balm saw this and had to try it out. At first you get a nice tingle on your face then it cools down as the mint kick in. I got this for £1.991.99
Pros: Gives a nice cool feeling to your face
Cons: My not be suitable to those with sensitive skin i bought th
I bought this for under £2 in my local chemist. I dont really remember the ingredients except it has mint and cactus water. When I first applied it to my face I had an almost instant cooling and tingling sensation. The tingling soon wore off after a few minutes but the cooling sensation lasted a bit longer leaving my skin moist and refreshed
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Honestly, I can't catch up with Nivea's lotions and balms. They discontinue a couple and release a couple of new ones every 18-20 months. I bought the Fresh Kick lotion, will try the balm probably.
I’ve used their balms for 5of 6 years. They make a good product and for the money it can’t be beat. I use basically creams to shave with the exception of MDC. In a pinch Nivea’s canned shave jel is a fine product.
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