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Pros: The handle is comfortable and well weighted.
Cons: Agressive razor
This razor, appears to be a re-branded Parker 111W but i am not 100% sure.

The appearance is quite nice, it is a curvy and attractive razor at arms length. Up close it doesn't feel or look quite as good. The handle is well weighted and although smooth, provides a comfortable grip whilst shaving. The head is also quite heavy and noticeably bulkier than my other razor but gives pretty good feedback during use and its easy to find the best angle of attack.

If you're used to a lightweight or short handled razor you might find this a little too cumbersome, but if you like a chunkier feel to your products this might just fit the bill.

It is well priced for beginners but this is quite an aggressive razor with a high amount of blade exposure (for a beginner, i doubt this would qualify as aggressive with more experienced users).

I found that using the Dorco blades provided when purchased, i was able to get a good close shave with 2 passes but not without a few minor nicks that i'll put down to human error!

All in all this is a good product for the price but lacks the build quality i would expect for my regular go-to razor, i will stick with my Merkur for now
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