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Muhle synthetic shaving brush

The Muhle brush, while well-built didn't manage to make it into my list of favourites.


It's got a Muhle handle, which feels and looks nice, and has got hairs of a material Muhle calls "Toray". The material is probably the coarsest synthetic out there at the moment, but other than that are very much like what you'd get in a Men-U or Rooney. In fact, the Muhle synthetic is very much like the Men-U with the difference of the sturdier handle and coarser hairs. They are about the same size and have about the same density knot size and loft height.

The problem with the Muhle is the coarseness of the hairs. Although the hairs end in tips, like they are supposed to, the coarseness prevents the tips from feeling soft, and instead of soft tips you'll get tiny impaling spikes (okay, I might be exaggerating a bit here). Perhaps it's just my skin though, because I've read someone commenting on how much he enjoyed the softness of the Muhle.

I can't help but make a comparison to the Men-U synthetic brush. The Muhle has a nicer handle, but the Men-U's hairs feel nicer on your face. I'd go for the Men-U every time.

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