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Ming Shi 2000S

Pros: Very good value.
A mild to aggressive shave can be dialled in.
Blade is easily replaced.
Cons: Care needed when changing settings or replacing blade so that you do not cut yourself.
I bought two of these, one as my carry-on travel razor and the other to give to a friend of mine to introduce him to wet shaving. Each came with a stand and 5 x Ming Shi blades.

DE 200S.jpg

This razor is almost exactly like the Futur original. I was very surprised at the quality of this clone. Definitely great value if you want a good adjustable DE razor without breaking the bank.

This razor is relatively heavy compared to some other non-adjustable DE razors. I prefer the slightly heavier mass as it allows me to reduce the pressure and just let the razor do the cutting.

Some say that the handle could be slippery without knurling. I have never experienced a problem with using this handle.
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User Friendly
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Ease of Blade Replacement
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I love my Ming Shi 2000s
The only downside is that it's difficult to get a really close shave under my nose.
Nice review.
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