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Mama Bear's Winter ASB, Sandalwood


Price- For about $25 this was a great deal, the bottle is huge, not sure how many oz. but there's a tape in the picture to give you an idea. It is a heavy glass bottle, smooth pump to dose it out. I got the unscented winter ASB then selected the Sandalwood scent. Compared to many other ASB that I think are comparable in quality this is a much better deal. 10 because it's a bargain for the quality, I know it could be free, but nothing is...

Quality As I mentioned, the bottle is heavy and works well and does what it needs to. And it came in a nice cloth pouch. I know MB uses many natural ingredients, that's about all I can say.

Fights Razor Burn No burn for sure, like alcohol, but does help with razor burn. I imagine it's the witch hazel. I get slight razor burn and some redness from feathers and this clears it right up, feels great.

Scent Smells awesome. I love Sandalwood so much, might be partial. Although, it takes a few minutes to settle to it's final scent. 9

Efficacy The pump puts out the perfect amount, very little, and it goes a long way. I can't ask any more....10

Moisturizing Probably the most important for me. I sometimes have dry skin anyway, then throw in -30 temps without wind chill and near zero humidity, it kills my skin here. AOS ASB doesn't cut it, it leaves me dry. In the harsh winter, the MB winter ASB works amazingly well, it keeps my face soft and moisturized all day, and not oily at all. As soon as this bottle of the winter ASB is out I will be getting another, explore new scents. Don't think it will run out any time soon though so I might cheat a little.

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No Alcohol Burn
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