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Pros: quality design unique reliable rugged manly price-quality 11 year warranty
Cons: none
The Fossil JR9768​

About Fossil
Fossil is a design, development, marketing and distribution company that specializes in consumer products predicated on fashion and value. The company's principal offerings include a extensive line of fashion watches sold under the company's proprietary and licensed brands. The company also offers complementary lines of small leather goods, belts, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and apparel.

Fossil JR9768
So I just got my watch. I bought it online from a reliable jeweler.
The delivery boy didn't find me home this morning, but came back in the evening, contradicting the card in my mailbox, which read that I should go to their site to give a preferred date & time
(and if you don't then by default they will try again).
I paid € 89,90 for it, about $127,-
This model cannot be bought of the official site since it is a older model.

All Fossil watches come in a tin can with a oval shaped watch holder inside it.
There are people collecting those tins and value them very much.
I think a lot of people here understand that collectors drift.
Probably not wise to get a second AD fellas, and before you know it you have a third, pocketknifes. I am interested in them all, but I do not collect them (yet?).
The tin can is nice and unique, so a 10 for packaging.
A small bird is on the side in a soft natural yellow classic colored background.
The lid has a pattern of seeds, is lighter colored and reads "Franks Finch Seed Mix".

I have had a Fossil watch before. I bought it more then 10 years ago, still running.
I know they are good, especially considering the price tag.
They are made in China.
Wait what?
Yes. It is made it China. Most are, I just found out.
Never knew, since mine is running for so long. Then what about this one?
Probably at least 10 years also. Even though it is made in China, it is made very well. Some watches have Swiss parts in them, even they are assembled in China.
It comes with a 11 years warranty!
Still think it is garbage?
Not only do you get a good watch, you also get a designer watch.

Just like it's packaging, clearly Fossil has put a lot of thought in each design.
It is unique. Very unique.
It has a "office wood" dial.
The casing is "rose gold", but is sometimes called bronze. It's closer to rose gold though.
It is made of stainless steel, so neither made off gold nor bronze.
The belt/strap is made of leather in a classic brown color.
It has some details, not too much. Just right in my opinion. It is fairly wide, much wider then normal straps and it is as wide as the case itself, another fashion statement.
This is a "I like rock music" kinda watch. A "I am myself" kinda watch.
This is not a "I have to hold a presentation" kinda watch. Doesn't go well with a suit.
It does go very well with my suede leather jacket, jeans and leather boots.

It fits really well. I don't have a big wrist so some watches need extra holes punctured or a smaller strap. With a metal strap sometimes I need 2 or 3 chains removed.
Because it is wide it does not move much, even though I wear it fairly loose.
I like that very much. If you want to know how loose you should wear a watch so it does not move much but also does not leave a print on your skin from the strap:
hold a normal office pen(cil) against your wrist. Place the watch around your wrist, shoving the strap over the pen(cil). Buckle up very tightly, close the strap. Now remove the pen(cil).
That is approximately the right amount of space for most people. Of course, YMMV.
Another rule is, when closed, see if you can jam your pinky finger under the strap.

I am very pleased with this watch.
It is not a Rolex or a Breitling, but the price/quality ratio is good in Fossil watches. PLUS you get design.
I recommend you take a look at there site, which is linked at the bottom of this post.

Made in China​

Their website: http://www.fossil.com
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