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Pros: Well built, closer shave with less irritation, healthier skin.
Cons: No handle extension for my back.
I recently purchased the Satin Smooth HydraSonic Professional Cleansing Brush on Amazon. A friend that works at a a beauty supply store recommended it to me, saying that it works much better than then the Clarisonic and it’s waterproof so it can be used in the shower with the body brush attachment (which I haven’t used yet).

MY BACKGROUND: I’m 61, have sensitive skin, a little rosacea, and some scarring from acne when I was younger. I take good care of my skin, using a high-quality facial wash, toner, day moisturizer, night moisturizer, and face mask. Up until the time I bought the HydraSonic, I also used a manual face brush and face scrub.

SHAVING GEAR: ATT Slant razor with Kronos handle, KAI blades, Dirty Bird Scuttle, Rooney best badger brush, and The Strop Shoppe soap.

EXPERIENCE: I shave every other day after showering. I began using the HydraSonic at high speed before showering and noticed that I actually got a closer shave with less irritation afterwards. But after a couple days, I noticed the irritation increase so I switched to the sensitive brush (which makes more sense, given I have sensitive skin) and the irritation disappeared.

RESULTS: I don’t stare at myself in the mirror so I really didn’t notice the changes other than getting a better shave and my face feeling smoother. But a couple weeks later, I met up with my big sister and she looked surprised. She said I look much younger, healthier, and my skin never looked this good. Later after I got home, I took a close look in the mirror and thought, wow, this brush really did take 10 years off my face. And it appears the rosacea diminished too.
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