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Em's Place "Balancing" Glycering round

That's a SHAVEMAC.

Joel et al: Please,

What is that splendid, rounded & squared, light green marbled Silvertip Shave Brush at the last half dozen photos from the bottom? I thought the name read "DeLavema Germany" but cannot find any such critter. Appreciations!

Well I got my package from Em in and with it, this soap. The scent is quite complex and busy, however it really grew on me. It is really quite nice although I must say, I found it confusing and cannot really figure out why. It is nice, but I think I would choose a different scent next time as some of her other scents I find to be EXTREMELY pleasing.

First thing I noticed - the scent is not very potent. The amount of EO used must be significantly less that others. I have a very sensitive nose, and usually I am able to smell soaps from quite a difference, however I had to get a bit close to this one.

Well, lets get down to business.

I got an email from Em "I see from some posts on shaving
creams that they are often whip up in the bowl/mug before application to
the face. I wanted to mention that with our shaving rounds the lather is
created on the face and not in the bowl/mug. The brush gets rotated
around the soap like stirring a cup of coffee to coat the bristle tips
good with soap, but then the aeration and action on the face makes the
lather. I mention this because if you try to get a meringue type lather
in the bowl you will be very disappointed, never mind wasting good soap.
It is a different kind of product than the creams and uses a different
technique. I am just hoping you keep this in mind when trying that
product so you are not unhappy."

Well I followed her recommendation and this was the result....



I was unimpressed with the results and for chuckles and grins, whipped out my trusty blue ceramic bowl. Here are the results....





That certainly kicked this soap up a notch! - Lathered up right quick!

The scent sure opened up when I lathered the soap up, however a bit of irritation from my shave this morning (14 hours prior) and it didn't feel very comfortable to apply this soap. Not to say it "burned" but it heated my skin up in a non-menthol manner. I am sure this would not be a problem had I not "roughed" myself up a bit... but we shall see as I keep using it.

The Shave -
The shave was quite good, and the soap provided wonderful lubrication. I feel this soap is a step above Col Conk (which I also enjoy) and is as good, if not better than C&E sandalwood.

Misc -
The soap came wrapped in clear plastic... quite modest. Not necessarily a bad thing, and at its price, understandable, however Col Conk, Surrey, Williams, etc etc is quite cheap and has better packaging. Personally I do not care too terribly much, but I know some gents REALLY love regal packaging. I know I feel a little special when I get a Castle Forbes, trumper or T&H product and it comes in a GORGEOUS box. The size of the cake was also a bit enemic and inconvieniently shaped, however it was VERY easy to melt so this was a non-issue, but something to note.

If you want a natural, effective, inexpensive shave soap with a plethora of scent options, this is a wonderful soap for you! I certainly would recommend this soap to others!

The numbers...
Scent 7
Lubrication 8
Packaging 3
Ease of use 9
Shave Quality 8.5
Convenience 4
Comfort 8
Durability 8

Here is a pic of the melted soap in my mug. Please note - there is a cake of Old spice shaving soap at the bottom - the melted em's was poured over it, so it in no way impacts the em's as it is far below the surface.

Water logged brush about to go to work...

15 swirls....

Head on...

What my face looked like once I began working the lather directly on my face...


After 2 passes...

After 3 passes...

Looks pretty nice next to a German brand handgun eh?
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