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Em's Cucumber AfterShave Splash

I use 3 of Em's other splashes, so this one wasn't really a gamble except for the scent. It's unusual; not exactly herbal, but pleasant... During hot weather, it is wonderful. It cools and smells good going on then dissipates quickly, but leaves a slight lingering aroma. Other than that it is superior like all of Em's products, particularly for its cooling, soothing and toning...The only reason the marks weren't all 10s is that the fragrance isn't for everyone.
I completely agree with Scotto. I started using this stuff a couple of years ago. I find it to be one of the best immediate after shaving treats around. It is very soothing. It will help soothe aftershave feel. I do not think it would be a fire stopper but if you're getting razor burn that badly, you should be remedying your shave technique and not trying to compensate for it afterward. As noted above, it's intense of cucumber and hence my middling review number. I like it but some do not. One thing that is not disputable is that it performs quite well. I like to spritz this on with an atomizer and either just rub it in gently with fingertips or use it as a toner with a cotton ball. Good stuff all round.

Regards, Todd
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Fights Razor Burn
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Although initially skeptical, this has turned into one of my favorite after shave toners. It smells intensely of cucumbers, and is one of the most soothing products I have found when a bit of irritation sets in. I keep reaching for it whenever I have a sub-par shave. The ingredients are:

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Rosa Damascena Hydrosol, Cucumber Distillate, Witch Hazel, Glycerin and Black Willow Bark Extract.​

It is not moisturizing enough on its own in general, so you will need something extra, but the refreshing scent and toning properties keep me coming back. Really nice and different product from Em.
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