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Custom Brush by Ed Schisler

As Alan mentioned I have Ed's brushes also. I currently have three of them and a fourth is on it's way. They have pretty much taken the place of all of the other brushes I used to use and I have most of the brushes made.

I like a longer handle and Ed makes an exquisite brush between 5 and 6 inches for me that really let's me whip up a lather in the larger scuttles.

As far as I am concerned you can't find a better brush out there regardless of price.
I might be introducing some of you folks to a "new" custom brush maker, but I'm also sure that some of you know of Ed Schisler's brushes, and own some. I had to post this. My shaving guru, Ted, (stogieiv) was the one who first turned me on to Ed's brushes. I was all excited, waiting for a new Shavemac to come, and told Ted. He e-mailed me to say that Shavemacs are good and all, but that until I owned a brush from Ed, I wouldn't know the best. I really didn't fully believe him, (sorry, Ted!) but decided to check out his website.


I was about ready to take delivery of a new custom straight that I'd ordered from Robert Williams, and had gotten it scaled in Cocobolo wood. (And believe me, everything about the Williams is world-class) Ed Schisler e-mailed me back very promptly, and told me that he had many exotic woods in stock: Cocobolo, Bocote, Paduak, Bloodwood, Wenge, Osage Orange, Wild Cherry, Ash, and Black Walnut. He stated that he also had acrylics for turning, in faux tortoise, Red/Black marbled, Green/Black marbled, Black/White, etc. It hit me that it would be cool to get a Cocobolo-handled brush to match the Robert Williams razor, and I ordered one with a 26mm knot by 67mm height. Ed sent me photos as the production progressed, and when I saw his final photo, it looked beautiful. When it came, it was even nicer.

But of course, what matters most is how it works. I own several brushes from Vulfix, Shavemac, Dovo, and Rooney, and others. For the most part, I like all of them. A few, I really like. And yet, I can honestly say that Ed's brushes are in a different league. Think really good factory razors that we own and love...Dovos, TI's, etc. And if you own any, think of your favorite custom razors. Hopefully they're just in a different class. It's the same thing here. I've never owned a brush that holds water better, that whips up lather better, or that does as good of a job applying the lather. I have no idea where Ed sources his Silvertip badger, but it's just wonderful stuff...the right combination of stiffness and softness. I've just ordered two more from him - a 24mm knot set in his faux tortoise, to match my tortoise Dovo, and another 24mm brush for which Ed's turning a Bloodwood handle, to closely complement a favorite TI that wears their Red Stamina scales.

You can find a few of his his brushes on eBay, selling new for $50-65. After spending a lot more than that on factory brushes, as most of us have, these are absolute bargains. Give Ed a try, and order one. I seriously doubt that you can be anything but as pleased as I am.
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